The Art of Resistance

RESIST! illuminates 500 years of anti-colonial resistance in the Global South and tells about colonial violence and oppression and its continuities. The exhibition pays homage to the people who resisted in the most diverse ways and whose stories have hardly ever been told or heard to this day.

01.04.2021 – 09.01.2022

Exhibition catalog

The works of more than 40 contemporary artists from the Global South and the diaspora tell stories of rebellion and war, violence and trauma, and survival and resilience. Their narratives are complemented by historical documents and numerous objects from the RJM collection, silent witnesses to moments of resistance.


I MISS YOU is a series of exhibitions about missing, giving back and remembering. It is about objects that have been in the museum for a long time and that we now put in a different light. What do they tell? What story do they hide – from where, from when and about whom? Who made them? Who loved and honored them? Who has lost them? Who misses them? And why are they part of the debate about restitution and colonial reappraisal today?