Artists in Residence

Artists from different disciplines were invited to collaborate with our team of scientists and researchers.

Kiri Dalena

Filmmaker, visual artist, and human rights activist Kiri Dalena works with a body of photographs collected by Dean Conant Worcester and Georg Küppers-Loosen in the Philippines between 1887-1907 and preserved at the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum.

Francis Oghuma

During the RESIST! exhibition, Nigerian-born and Cologne-based photographer Francis Oghuma presented his photographic documentation of the BlackLivesMatter protests, as well as document the events and process of the exhibition.

Rokia Bamba

Rokia Bamba, Dj and sound artist from Brussels, will create a sound database with voices and sounds of resistance together with the artists and visitors of RESIST!, which can be experienced in the exhibition space and on the website.

Bahar Gökten & Daniela Rodriguez Romero

With [resi]stance, the two urban dance artists Bahar Gökten and Daniela Rodriguez Romero provide insights into processes of embodied resistance and challenge us to develop our own "stance."

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