Library of Resistance

Library of Resistance

As part of the exhibition "RESIST! The Art of Resistance," a Library of Resistance is being created. This library is not to be understood as a classical library that exclusively collects and preserves books and knowledge in order to make them accessible to the public. In the sense of a "Living Library", the Library of Resistance is an open and dynamic library, which – starting from a corpus of materials – will be further developed in the course of the exhibition together with the visitors. This corpus includes not only books, but also magazines, zines, gray literature (flyers, brochures, etc.) as well as audio and video contributions.

Highlights of the Library of Resistance

Voices of Resistance

“The universal result has been peoples of colour being made stranger to and winnowed of their own lands, widowed of their cultures.”
Marlene Nourbese Philip
(born 1947)
“For without dignity there is no liberty, without justice there is no dignity, and without independence there are no free men.”
Patrice Lumumba
(1925 – 1961)
“Oppression costs the oppressor too much if the oppressed stands up and protests. The protest need not to be merely physical (...) if it is mental, spiritual; if it expresses itself in silent, persistent dissatisfaction, the cost to the oppressor is terrific.”
W.E.B. Du Bois
(1868 – 1963)
“Decolonization is not an individual choice; it demands collective, sustained, committed work. (...) Let us nourish each other with responsibility, care, affection and patience.”
Luiza Prado
(born 1985)


Achille Mbembe: Memory and Restitution
The Language of Imagination l Patricia Kaersenhout | Patricia Kaersenhout | TEDxAUCollege
24/03/2016 Cologne Academy: Grada Kilomba
Black Feminism – Vanessa Thompson

Podcasts and Talks

Podcast Tupoka Ogette: TUPODCAST, Gespräche unter Schwestern*
Stuff the British Stole Podcast

Episode 2: Blood Art, concerning the Benin Bronzes

Audre Lorde reads “Uses of the Erotic”


Our Silences Will Not Protect Us, by Rokia Bamba
Poetics of Anticolonial Joy by Luiza Prado de O. Martins